Three Ways To Smile More

If you don’t smile enough, you could be missing out on some of the great health benefits that come from flashing your pearly whites. In our previous post, we went over some of these health benefits, and why smiling and laughing is good for you. If you have teeth that keep you from smiling, call...
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The Importance Of Smiling

Here at Newton Centre Family Orthodontics, we believe that today is a great day to start smiling! Did you know that there are actual health benefits that come from smiling and laughing? If you’re not smiling because you don’t like your teeth, you may benefit from the help of an orthodontist. If you’re looking for...
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Challenges of Rubber Bands

Many people who experience wearing braces also have to wear rubber bands, or elastics as they are sometimes called. These tiny forces of nature present their own challenges, and it is most common to have rubber bands connect from the top bite to the bottom. They are used to correct the position of top bite relative...
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