Keeping Braces Clean Takes Effort

Keeping Braces Clean Takes Effort

If getting braces  was a short, painless, no-fuss process the world would be a better place, and maybe someday in the future, people have their teeth straightened by orthodontists in one painless visit. Alas, that day has not come and we still have to go through months of orthodontics. This is not to say it’s the worst thing in the world (unless it’s happening to you – right now) and we all can agree that a gleaming, straight smile is worth all the bother.

Your orthodontist is in charge of the straight part, but when it comes to the gleaming part, a large part is up to you. Keeping your teeth clean during your orthodontic treatment takes time and care, but again all the effort is worth it. Below are some hints to use to make sure your teeth are clean and healthy.


  • You’ll need to brush after every meal while you have braces.
  • If you can’t have a regular toothbrush with you at all meals, invest in some tiny brushes (interdental brushes) to clean your braces.
  • You’ll want to get the food out of your braces so everyone doesn’t know what you had to eat, besides for dental hygiene.


  • Flossing can’t be underestimated in your efforts to keep your teeth clean during your treatment.
  • You can use floss threaders to get the floss under the wire to floss normally.
  • Using a Waterpik to clean your gums is also helpful.
  • Speak to your orthodontist for his recommendations.

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