Why Choose Invisalign?

Why Choose Invisalign?

If you are deciding whether to choose Invisalign and braces, you’ll be looking for the pros and cons of each type. What you will find is that they both have their place in the orthodontic universe. The choice between them really comes down to personal choice. We’ll set out some differences to consider while you are trying to make a decision.

Why Choose Invisalign

  • If you have just subtle alignment issues, Invisalign is a great choice.
  • If you play sports, an instrument or some other activity that involves your teeth, the removability of Invisalign would make this a good choice for you.
  • Because you can remove Invisalign, you can take them out to eat and to brush your teeth.
  • If you have time to straighten your teeth, this is a good choice. It takes longer but it allows you more freedom.
  • There is less pain associated with Invisalign.
  • The mouth sores and plaque build up associated with braces does not occur with Invisalign.

Why Choose Braces

  • Braces are the method to choose if you have complicated alignment issues with your teeth.
  • If you have severe misalignment, you may not have the option of Invisalign. Ask your orthodontist for their opinion.
  • Traditional metal braces cost less than Invisalign, so if money is a major issue, traditional braces will save you money.
  • Metal braces are faster so if you want your teeth straighter sooner rather than later, choose traditional metal braces.
  • Because braces are much more obvious than Invisalign,  they are a choice for people who don’t really care whether people know if they have braces or not.

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