Why Do I Need Braces? My Smile Looks Great!

Why Do I Need Braces? My Smile Looks Great!

Everyone appreciates a great smile, whether it is a crinkly eyed, big-toothed smile brought on by pure joy, or a cheesy smile for a family portrait. Everyone wants to have a smile that catches people’s eyes and makes them smile back. But did you know that you can have a smile that rivals the sun in brightness and still need braces?

The Bite

  • When it comes to teeth, it’s not just cosmetics that matter. The way the teeth hit each other is also important. This is known as the bite, or occlusion. If the teeth don’t hit properly, also known as a malocclusion, problems can arise that are harder to fix than fixing a simple improper bite. Teeth need to close a specific way, with the front teeth over the bottom teeth, but not reaching past the teeth into the lower gums. If they don’t go far enough down, it is called an open bite. If they go too far down, it is called a deep bite. The upper teeth should go down about a third to half of the way down the lower teeth. The molars need to meet their lower mate so that they make contact with two teeth. Your Newton center orthodontist knows what to look for, and how to fix problems.


  • Even if you think your smile looks great, you might have a bite that needs adjustment. Problems that can occur over time are jaw pain, alteration of the face, speech problems, and problems with breathing through your nose.

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