Why Adults Should See an Orthodontist

Why Adults Should See an Orthodontist

Culturally, orthodontics has been the realm of the teenager, and this makes a lot of adults leery of returning to the orthodontist (or visiting for the first time). At Newton Family Center, we fully understand why some adults just don’t want to consider braces, thinking they are too old and they don’t want the inconvenience or embarrassment. However, it’s important for adults to realize that over 20 percent of people wearing braces are adults. Braces aren’t just for kids and teens anymore. They aren’t just metal anymore, either. Ceramic and clear aligner trays deliver the same results without the metallic effect.

Why would I consider orthodontics?

There are five main reasons why smart adults turn to orthodontics:

  • Teeth move over time. Even if you had braces as a kid, chances are good that you might need them again as an adult. Your teeth may be reverting to their former alignment or causing you serious discomfort. No matter what the issue may be, we can help you.
  • There is a huge range of treatment options. You no longer need to dread the flash and glitter of metal braces. As we said, today’s orthodontists are armed with a massive amount of options that can be tweaked to fit your unique needs. You’ll find yourself choosing among the following:
    • Traditional metal braces
    • Lingual braces – these are adhered to the backs of the teeth, making them totally invisible.
    • Clear aligners – these are removable clear trays that gradually push your teeth into better alignment. They are practically invisible and can be removed for eating, flossing, and brushing.
    • Ceramic braces – adhered to the fronts of the teeth, these are either clear or tooth-colored. Clear wire is used to bind them.

  • The cost of braces hasn’t changed that much. If your parents complained about the cost of braces when you were young, it makes sense that you’d be cautious about returning to them. However, when you adjust for inflation, braces cost as much as they did 35 years ago. Here is a breakdown of the different types and their costs (realize these amounts vary depending on your coverage, provider, and treatment plan):
    • Traditional metal braces: $3,000–$7,000
    • Ceramic braces: $4,000–$8,000
    • Aligner trays: $4,000–$7,500
  • Braces build confidence. As we all know, getting your teeth straightened can radically transform your smile. Not only that, better alignment means better dental health and lower dental bills. Braces may seem like a high cost up front, but their preventative benefits are huge, not to mention how good it feels to smile with straight teeth!
  • Most orthodontists offer free consultations. If you have trouble just getting yourself through the orthodontist’s door, you should find one who offers free consultations. You will be able to access an expert who will assess your teeth and propose a treatment plan you can consider or compare to someone else’s. This is a great first step to take that doesn’t require full commitment. Many people feel better when they can sort of get the lay of the land, and if this is you, we definitely recommend getting a few consultations to understand exactly what treatment would entail.

Orthodontic treatment isn’t just about showing straight teeth when you smile. True, improved self-esteem and an attractive smile are benefits of orthodontics, but there is so much more to what we do at our Newton office. If neglected, orthodontic issues can morph into bone loss, gum disease, tooth decay, speech impairment, tooth loss, digestive problems, and excess teeth wear. Orthodontic treatment can impact your entire facial structure for the better.

The thing is, once your adult teeth come in, they’re all you’ve got. Taking care of them is absolutely essential, and we are here to help. Orthodontists spend two to three more years in residency than dentists, because we need to learn how to specialize in the treatment, prevention, and diagnosis of facial and dental irregularities. Whether you have trouble cleaning between your teeth, you grind your teeth together or have trouble with snoring, an orthodontist can help. Our dedicated team and welcoming staff are passionate about improving people’s lives through orthodontics. We would love to see you at our world-class office. Make an appointment today with the staff who will always go the extra mile for you!