When Should A Child Visit An Orthodontist?

When Should A Child Visit An Orthodontist?

If you’re concerned that your child may need braces or if you’re simply not sure when you should take your child to visit an orthodontist, we’ve put together some information for you to know when it’s time for your child to visit an orthodontist. If you’re looking for an orthodontist in Newton, Dr. Miller at Newton Centre Family Orthodontics can help your child get the beautiful, straight teeth that they want. To learn more about when you should schedule an orthodontic appointment for your child, keep reading!

When To Take Your Child To An Orthodontist

  1. You’re concerned with your child’s bite.
  2. You’re concerned with the alignment of your child’s teeth.
  3. Your child complains about difficulty chewing, biting, or speaking.
  4. Your child has crowding or protruding teeth.
  5. Your child is missing teeth.

There are some other reasons to take your child to see an orthodontist that may not be as clear as the list above. Difficulty breathing, grinding or clenching teeth, and trouble closing lips may also be a sign that your child could benefit from seeing an orthodontist. As a general rule, taking your child to see an orthodontist by age seven is a good practice. By age seven, orthodontists generally have the ability to see if your child has enough room in their mouth for all of their teeth and if they have any other orthodontic problems.

If you’re not sure whether or not you should have your child visit an orthodontist, you can always start with a recommendation from your family dentist. Also, knowing one way or the other about the needs of your child when it comes to their teeth is useful information, so an exam by an orthodontist certainly wouldn’t be a bad thing.

For a family orthodontist in Newton you can trust, call Newton Centre Family Orthodontics today to schedule your child’s appointment.