Three Ways To Smile More

Three Ways To Smile More

If you don’t smile enough, you could be missing out on some of the great health benefits that come from flashing your pearly whites. In our previous post, we went over some of these health benefits, and why smiling and laughing is good for you. If you have teeth that keep you from smiling, call us here at Newton Centre Family Orthodontics. Our orthodontist in Newton, Dr. Miller, can help you determine the best way to get you the smile you want. To follow up with our last blog, since we discussed how important it is to smile and laugh, we’d like to go over some of our favorite ways to laugh on a daily basis.

Three Ways You Can Smile More Every Day

#1. Watch your favorite late-night talk show.

If you’re early to bed every night, you may miss some of the laughs that come from watching late-night talk shows. If you stay up late enough to just catch the monologue on your favorite late-night show, go ahead and watch it before you go to bed. You may wish you could stay up to catch the interview with your favorite celebrity, but you can always record it and watch it tomorrow. Alternatively, you can always find the monologues and interviews with guests online the next day.

#2. Smile at everyone you see.

It’s always nice when you’re walking down the street or an aisle at the grocery store and someone smiles at you. Instead of waiting for someone to smile at you, be the first to make the move and smile at everyone you see. You may not get a smile in return every time, but you never know when it might make someone’s day.

#3. Be grateful.

How often do we stop to think about everything that we’re grateful for? We bet that if you carve out time every day, you may even find new things to be thankful for today that you didn’t think about yesterday. Besides, taking a minute to think about family, friends, our pets, and our favorite possessions is sure to make you smile.

If you wish you could smile more, but you avoid it due to issues with your teeth, call us here at Newton Family Centre Orthodontics. Dr. Miller, our orthodontist at our Newton office will help you find a solution to your smiling woes.