Signs You Need To See An Orthodontist Part Two

Signs You Need To See An Orthodontist Part Two

If you’re having trouble with your teeth, it’s likely that you have visited your family dentist to ask about the problem. However, some dental issues require the work of a specialist, like an orthodontist. Here at Newton Centre Family Orthodontics, we can help with with all of your orthodontic needs. In a previous blog, we began to discuss signs that you may require the help of an orthodontist. We’d like to finish our list today, so if you may be experiencing any of these problems, you’ll know that our orthodontist in Newton can help!


When To See An Orthodontist Continued


A crossbite occurs when the upper tooth falls behind the lower tooth that it is supposed to rest on top of. Crossbites can cause certain dental problems, such as wear or fracture to both teeth, gum recession for both teeth, and asymmetric jaw growth. If you have a crossbite, an orthodontist will have a solution for you to help with the potential health-related risks of having a crossbite.


When you have an underbite, the upper front teeth are positioned behind the lower front teeth. This problem can often be caused by having a disproportionate jaw size, and it could lead to issues, such as difficulty biting and chewing, your facial structure appearing imbalanced, and accelerated appearance of facial ageing. An underbite is a dental issue that can cause both dental problems and insecurities when it comes to appearance. An orthodontist can help you find a solution to correct your underbite.


An openbite is an abnormality that occurs when the front upper and bottom teeth do not touch. This can cause difficulty biting and possible speech impediments. If you have an openbite, seeing an orthodontist may be the best solution for you.

If you’re in need of an orthodontist in Newton, Dr. Miller at Newton Centre Family Orthodontics can help! Call us today to schedule your appointment.