Crooked Teeth Aren’t That Bad, Are They?

Crooked Teeth Aren’t That Bad, Are They?

If you are considering having your child go through braces in order to straighten their teeth, you may also be considering reasons to not have them get braces. In this week’s blog, we will cover a common reason people don’t get braces, and some compelling reasons to get them.

Beauty is Skin Deep

You may think it doesn’t matter if your child or teen has slightly crooked teeth or canines that sit out in front of the other teeth, and you may even think that those teeth are the hallmark of the family. But crooked teeth can cause other dental problems that your Newton Center or Concord orthodontist can explain thoroughly to you. Here are some of the basics:

  • Crooked teeth can grind against each other, and over time, you will loose tooth enamel. For instance, if the top teeth brush against the bottom teeth, the enamel on the bottom teeth will slowly be ground away. The teeth will be unsightly and will be expensive to fix.
  • Crooked teeth can make it difficult to eat certain foods or to floss properly. Not being able to floss properly can mean that you are more prone to have gingivitis and periodontal disease.
  • When teeth are misaligned and they meet even slightly off of the proper bite, this affects the jaw and can lead to jaw pain, TMJ, and/or migraines.
    Yes, beauty is skin deep, but that doesn’t mean a person with great character and personality can’t have outer beauty as well. Teens and adults alike take pride in their appearance, and braces can improve anyone’s looks by giving them a straight, perfect smile.
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