Challenges of Rubber Bands

Challenges of Rubber Bands

Many people who experience wearing braces also have to wear rubber bands, or elastics as they are sometimes called. These tiny forces of nature present their own challenges, and it is most common to have rubber bands connect from the top bite to the bottom. They are used to correct the position of top bite relative to the bottom bite.

Finding Them

  • Those little bags seem to disappear so it’s a good idea to stash them everywhere. Keep some in your purse or backpack, your car, your locker, and in your bathroom drawer. One of the most convenient places to keep them is in your pocket. As long as you have the zip lock closure securely closed, the little bags of torture devices will even make it through the washing / drying cycle.

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Putting Them On

  • Once you’ve found a bag, the challenge of getting them on your teeth is the next hurdle to complying with the orthodontist in Newton Centre or Concord. No, it isn’t always comfortable to fit half your hand inside your cheek while holding a tiny, slippery, plastic elastic and try to connect it to an even more-tiny metal hook. No, it’s not easy to begin with, but you’ll get better at it and it will be easy before you know it.

Self Discipline

  • Now you’ve found your current size of rubber bands and managed to learn how to get the slippery little things onto your teeth, but you just don’t want to. Wearing them has to be something you do for yourself. It’s important to remember that the more you wear them, the faster you’ll be done with braces. Yes, when you get a new, smaller size, you will be sore for a few days but it needs to be done.

To find out if you need braces, or need help with your rubber band habits, call Newton Centre Family Orthodontics, with offices in Newton and Concord.