1. The Benefits of Smiling

    Newton Centre Orthodontists cares about your smile and we know the great effects a bright and straight smile can have on your state of mind. We’ve seen it ourselves when someone who had crooked teeth gets their braces removed. You can see them smile bigger and their eyes sparkle with self-confidence. There is hard science to back up what we’ve seen too. We’ll go over a few of the effects of…Read More

  2. How to Deal With the Pain From Braces

    The orthodontists at Newton Center know that having braces can give you mixed feelings. On the one hand, you are excited to have your new, straight smile and want it as soon as possible! On the other hand, there is the pain and inconvenience of braces. It’s important to remember that braces are temporary and your straight smile will last a lifetime. The pain will be worse when you first get your…Read More

  3. Why Invisalign®?

    Newtown Town Orthodontics offers several types of braces for you to choose from. Sometimes this choice is an economic one and sometimes it is based more on lifestyle. A choice that is growing in popularity is Invisalign®. Here are of some of the advantages of Invisalign® over metal braces.   Appearance Invisalign® aligners are clear so it will be hard to tell if you even have them on. Cheek he…Read More

  4. Types of Braces

    When you are considering braces for yourself or for your children, you may be wondering what types of braces have been developed recently. You may remember kids from your childhood with a mouth of tin colored metal. For many years, there were no choices to be made other than to get braces or not, but now there are options to choose from. Newton Centre Orthodontics offers three distinct types of br…Read More

  5. Orthofacial Orthopedics

    Newton Centre Family Orthodontics and our orthodontics Dr. Brian Miller, has offices in Newton and Concord MA for your convenience. We offer high-quality, family-friendly orthodontics, including braces of all types and Invisalign. Today we are going to discuss the benefits of dentofacial orthopedics. What is Dentofacial Orthopedics? While orthodontics involves the movement of teeth to more correct…Read More

  6. Is orthodontic treatment just for straightening teeth?

    A lot of patients ask us why Dr. Brian Miller and our team at Newton Centre Family Orthodontics work tirelessly to give our patients straight teeth. Of course it’s nice to have a smile full of evenly-aligned teeth, but did you know that straightening your teeth can keep them healthier as well? Straight teeth lead to better oral hygiene, increasing your chances of keeping your own natural teeth f…Read More

  7. What are the benefits of Invisalign®?

    A popular option for straightening teeth at Newton Centre Family Orthodontics, Invisalign can be a great method for improving your smile, and can help patients with crowded teeth, crossbites, overbites, underbites, and more. Invisalign, which is different from traditional braces, works by applying a series of clear, retainer-like aligners in order to eventually move your teeth into their ideal pos…Read More

  8. St. Patrick’s Day: Celtic pride, green shamrocks, and lucky charms!

    “St. Patrick's Day is an enchanted time -- a day to begin transforming winter's dreams into summer's magic.” Adrienne Cook Lucky green shamrocks, leprechauns, and pots of gold – it must be St. Patrick’s Day! If you’re not Irish, how do you go about celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? It’s easy: You just put on one of those tall leprechauns hats, dress in green from head to toe, and wear o…Read More

  9. How do braces move my teeth?

    Great question! Tooth movement is your body’s natural response to light pressure applied by braces over a period of time (usually two years). Braces work by using brackets that are glued onto your teeth; these brackets have small slots, and that is where Dr. Brian Miller and our team insert orthodontic wires. These wires are held in place by small elastic ties that fit around the brackets. As ti…Read More

  10. Tips to Avoid Common Problems Associated with Braces

    While braces play an important part in helping to create a healthy mouth and teeth, you might experience a few side effects while wearing them that are common and can be easily treated. Even with the best of care, braces can cause soreness to your mouth. As your teeth begin to move, it is natural for your teeth to feel aches and your jaw to develop soreness. If there are broken wires or loose band…Read More