1. Challenges of Rubber Bands

    Many people who experience wearing braces also have to wear rubber bands, or elastics as they are sometimes called. These tiny forces of nature present their own challenges, and it is most common to have rubber bands connect from the top bite to the bottom. They are used to correct the position of top bite relative to the bottom bite. Finding Them Those little bags seem to disappear so it’s a g…Read More

  2. Crooked Teeth Aren’t That Bad, Are They?

    If you are considering having your child go through braces in order to straighten their teeth, you may also be considering reasons to not have them get braces. In this week’s blog, we will cover a common reason people don’t get braces, and some compelling reasons to get them. Beauty is Skin Deep You may think it doesn’t matter if your child or teen has slightly crooked teeth or canines that …Read More

  3. Top Tips For Keeping Braces Clean

    There is no doubt about it; having braces does make it hard to keep your teeth clean. The brackets seem to hide bits of food and they definitely make flossing a challenge. Luckily, your Newton Centre Orthodontist has some tips for the braces wearer in your home. We are located on Newton Center and Concord, and offer both traditional metal braces and Invisalign. It is very important to keep your te…Read More

  4. Why Do I Need Braces? My Smile Looks Great!

    Everyone appreciates a great smile, whether it is a crinkly eyed, big-toothed smile brought on by pure joy, or a cheesy smile for a family portrait. Everyone wants to have a smile that catches people’s eyes and makes them smile back. But did you know that you can have a smile that rivals the sun in brightness and still need braces? The Bite When it comes to teeth, it’s not just cosmetics that …Read More

  5. Palate Expander FAQ’s

    If you or your child is undergoing orthodontic treatment, you might hear the orthodontist mention appliances. There are several types of appliances that might be entering your life. One such appliance that your Newton Centre orthodontist might have you wear is an expander, or more precisely, the palatal expander. When is a palatal expander used? If your upper bite and the palate of your mouth (the…Read More

  6. Why Choose Invisalign?

    If you are deciding between Invisalign and braces, you’ll be looking for the pros and cons of each type. What you will find is that they both have their place in the orthodontic universe. The choice between them really comes down to personal choice. We'll set out some differences to consider while you are trying to make a decision. Why Choose Invisalign If you have just subtle alignment issues, …Read More

  7. Why You Need To Wear Your Retainer

    As you are nearing the end of your orthodontic treatment you will be told by your orthodontist that you will be getting a retainer to wear when the braces are taken off. Now, your first reaction might me, “No more! Leave me alone!” Well, we understand. You’ve just gone through a period of your life when you’ve had to deal with pain, discomfort, extra responsibilities of keeping your braces…Read More

  8. How to Care for your Retainer

    When you’ve been told to wear a retainer by your orthodontist, it is important to wear it just as instructed and to keep it safe and clean. Below you’ll find our top tips for caring for your retainer. If you have more questions, call your orthodontist at Newton Town Centre Orthodontics. Keep it Safe Because your retainer smells like you, your dog or cat will be drawn to it. Don’t let your re…Read More

  9. What Foods Can I Eat with Braces?

    Newton Centre Family Orthodontics is your local expert for straightening teeth. We teeth all the common reasons for having orthodontics. We offer traditional braces, as well as Invisalign. We know that getting braces causes you to live an alternative lifestyle when it comes to food for the duration of your treatment. You often see lists of food you can’t eat and that can really put a damper on l…Read More

  10. Keeping Braces Clean Takes Effort

    If getting braces  was a short, painless, no-fuss process the world would be a better place, and maybe someday in the future, people have their teeth straightened by orthodontists in one painless visit. Alas, that day has not come and we still have to go through months of orthodontics. This is not to say it’s the worst thing in the world (unless it’s happening to you - right now) and we all c…Read More